Ground Floor


On the ground floor, visitors can explore several of Van Gogh’s self-portraits.

Interestingly, these paintings were primarily a form of practice for Van Gogh, and he often reused canvases, creating new artworks on the back of older ones. 

This floor also features an exceptional reproduction of Van Gogh’s famous ‘Sunflowers.’ 

This tactile reproduction is designed for visually impaired visitors, allowing them to experience the artwork through touch and smell, emphasizing Van Gogh’s use of thick paint in his works​.

Note: Get the entry tickets in advance to know more about the Van Gogh Museum ground floor. 

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Van Gogh’s Self Portrait

On the Van Gogh Museum ground floor, there’s a special painting by Vincent Van Gogh – it’s a picture of himself! 

Some of his self-portraits are not finished because he was just practicing and didn’t plan to sell them.

In this particular painting, Van Gogh shows himself as an artist. 

He’s standing in front of a wooden frame for painting called an easel, and he’s holding a palette with paints and brushes. 

The way he painted it is kind of new and modern, using bright and lively colors without mixing them too much.

In the painting, you’ll notice specific color pairs like red/green, yellow/purple, and blue/orange. 

These are colors that go well together. Van Gogh picked these exact colors for his painting. 

By putting them next to each other, he made them look even more vibrant. 

For example, his orange-red beard stands out next to the blue of his smock.

This self-portrait was the last painting Van Gogh did in Paris. 

The city made him feel really tired, both emotionally and physically, so this artwork reflects those feelings.

Bedroom in Arles

The Van Gogh Museum ground floor has a painting called “Bedroom in Arles.” 

In this artwork, Van Gogh shows his own bedroom in the Yellow House while he was in Arles. 

He kept things simple, with basic furniture and his own art on the walls.

The colors in the painting are super vibrant, meant to give off a feeling of total rest or sleep. 

Over time, the colors changed, and that’s why we now see such sharp differences in shades. 

Originally, the doors and walls were purple, not blue.

When you look at the painting, you might notice that some things don’t seem quite right, like the crooked corner of the back wall. 

But Van Gogh did this on purpose – he wasn’t making a mistake. 

He wanted the painting to look flat and not follow all the usual rules of perspective. 

In a letter to his brother Theo, Van Gogh explained that he wanted the painting to resemble a Japanese print.

After he got better from being sick, Van Gogh thought his bedroom painting looked really nice, and he was pretty happy with how it turned out.

Don’t forget to visit the Van Gogh Museum ground floor if you want to discover the self portrait of Van Gogh himself!

Note: “After exploring the ground floor of the Van Gogh Museum, where you examined Van Gogh’s own paintings and contemporary influences, ascend to the first floor and continue your journey through Van Gogh’s art.” in development, where his bright and… famous palette.” the rows of sunflowers await.”

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