The multimedia guide is the best substitute for a guided tour if you haven’t booked one for your trip to the Van Gogh Museum.

But if you don’t want to spend extra money on the multimedia guide, then we recommend using a map.

With the help of a map, you can avoid getting lost and missing out on treasures in this enormous art gallery.

Additionally, you can tour the museum at your own pace.

The Van Gogh Museum map provides you with a general overview of every area of the Museum.

The museum has two buildings– the main building and the exhibition wing. 

All changing exhibits are located on the first and ground floor. The basement has the museum store and access to the main building as well. 

The main building houses the permanent display space. 

Self-portraits and the most renowned works of art are shown in chronological order on the first floor.

You may navigate the Van Gogh Museum easily by having the floor layout pdf on your mobile device.

Visitors can use the map to find tourist amenities such as restrooms, gift shops, exits, cash desks, elevators, and the Museum Café Le Tambourin. 

This map also features the details of all the paintings, stairs, floors, and galleries.

Featured Image: Behance.net

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