Second Floor


The second floor offers insights into Van Gogh’s artistic process and materials. 

It features a section dedicated to his painting techniques, the pigments he used, and the tools he created himself. 

This floor also houses a collection of Van Gogh’s letters, which provide deep insights into his thoughts and creative process. 

Additionally, visitors can see the ‘Yellow House,’ where Van Gogh lived in Arles and where he hoped to establish an art colony.

Top 3 Van Gogh Museum Tickets 

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Entry Ticket

  • Timed entry ticket
  • Access to all exhibitions
  • Wheelchair accessible
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Museum + Canal Cruise

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  • 1 hr Amsterdam Canal Cruise
  • Audio guide in 19 languages
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Entry Ticket + Guided Tour

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The Yellow House

The Yellow House

On the Van Gogh Museum’s second floor, you’ll discover a painting called “The Yellow House.” 

Back in May 1888, Van Gogh rented four apartments in a house on Place Lamartine in Arles. 

In this painting, you can see his residence with green shutters, and he called it “The Street,” capturing his surroundings.

Van Gogh spent a lot of time at the restaurant on the left in the painting, and his friend Joseph Roulin, a postman, lived nearby. 

The Yellow House became a special place for Van Gogh – a spot where he could paint and have friends stay over. 

He even had plans to turn the yellow corner structure into a place where painters like him could work together.

Here on the second floor of the museum, you’ll find not only the painting but also letters written by Van Gogh. 

If he wasn’t known for his paintings, he could have been famous as a brilliant poet. 

He often wrote letters to his brother Theo and other artist friends, explaining his paintings and even including small sketches.

Make sure not to miss them when you visit the Van Gogh Museum second floor.

Van Gogh’s painting Materials

Van Gogh’s painting Materials

The Van Gogh Museum’s second floor has a special room dedicated to understanding Van Gogh’s painting materials. 

It’s a fantastic place to discover more about Vincent’s unique style and his creative process.

In this room, you’ll find a treasure trove of information – from the pigments he used in his paints to his experiments with colors and even the types of tools he crafted for himself. 

It’s like stepping into the world of Van Gogh’s art, gaining insights into what he used to bring his masterpieces to life.

Note: “Continuing to the third floor, you’ll encounter Van Gogh’s later works, a serene and introspective collection that contrasts with the vibrant intensity of his earlier pieces, reflecting the profound changes in his life and style.”

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